Tuesday, February 28, 2006

060227 - Lush is back

This week's episode...

Sing Sing sing Come, Sing me a Song

Julian is pooping on the potty!

Baby Teeth sing For the Wars

Paul likes Curious George. Charlotte loves the soundtrack

Centormatic sing Triggers and Trash Heaps

Janine and Paul discuss wacky street names

Raising the Fawn sing Carbon Paper

Julian thinks all computers are for playing Dee Dee the Ducky game.

Silver Sunshine sing Nightmares


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous said...

when's the next podcast? We're dyin' ovahh heahh. Fred (A VC) turned us on to you, and we're now major Mass Hysteria fans. Just real people who love hearing real stories and listening to cool music. BTW, bring back Brother Mark more often! Great last show with him. Loved the banter. Hysterical.


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